Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I appear to be losing my mind... had it here a second ago...

I think it's in the sofa cushions, which is probably where my sensus fidelium got to.

Was just reading Chris's new thing at the Remnant on ... that document... and suddenly a song started playing in my head with a voice...

The JOY of the NEW Church reaches out in JOY! to the glorious newness of the NEW and JOYful world!

No more sourpuss "doctrine" or "discipline". Frownyface! Eh?

No no no! We must attract the world! Embrace the world as brothers in JOY!


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Unknown said...

I read the beginning of "Evangeli Gaudium," and I couldn't help but think of Francis as the Pope of Positive Thinking.

That reminds me of a video on the delusional nature of the "positive thinking" movement so rampant in U.S. corporate culture.

Here is the link.