Friday, July 08, 2011



With hat.

With other hat.

Clearly, need more hats.

It was just horrifying to pull out clumps of hair and it was getting me down, so last night, Chris paused the movie (Canadian Bacon) and said, OK, we're cutting your hair.

It took a bit of convincing, but it was clear that it really is all going to go, completely, so best to take charge of things. As a friend said, at least this way it will be something I did, not something being done to me. And I had had a hard night the night before, waking up every few hours in a fright, thinking I would wake up bald or, perhaps worse, patchy. Enough stressing.

We did the best we could with the sewing scissors, and Chris said it was coming away in his hands as he cut it. It looks very patchy, and that is only partly because of the limitations of the barber. This afternoon I'm going to the local parruchiere to get him to run the clippers over the rest of it. It is still coming out, but at least now is not scaring me so much, and I expect to be quite smooth by Monday.

It came at just the right time, since in the last day or so, the temperatures have shot up from a reasonably comfortable 27 to 31 today, and 32 tomorrow. Last summer it was so hot I was tempted to shave my head anyway. There is still a breeze off the Med and I must say it is a weird sensation to feel the breeze through the straw hat and on my scalp. Weird, but not at all unpleasant.

Next week is my one good week to organise things - shopping and stocking up and cooking and freezing - before Round 2. The neuropathy has eased a bit, and the pain killers are doing their work, so I can get around a little better, though even little walks to the shops leave me flattened afterwards. But at least I will be able to go to the local profumeria and see if I can buy some false eyelashes and a few eyebrow pencils. I've seen pictures of people with chemo-face and the no eyebrows/eyelash thing is rather frightening. Don't want to scare the locals.



Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful! does not matter what, eyebrows...

The Crescat said...

I agree with the anon comment, and you are still in prayers.

Mrs McLean said...

Excellent hats. You shouldn't be outdoors in Italy in July without a hat anyway.

Unknown said...

You are adorable with your new haircut. Even younger looking. Very sweet.


Anonymous said...

you look fantastic!

Andrea said...

You look AMAZING!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful! So cool Hilary.... SO COOL! You should keep it short when it grows back. What a great idea that Christopher had. He's a very smart lad!

Ingemar said...

Well, at least the hats look good.

And I LOVED the movie Canadian Bacon. I even overlook the fact that it was directed by Michael Moore.