Monday, January 10, 2011

Graydon Parrish talks about Classical Realism

"As you noticed as you look around the room, my art is very different than a lot of 20th century, 21st century painting. And some people are very uncomfortable with that. When I grew up I just became enamoured of the Old Masters [Oh! me too!] I became enamoured with figurative painting. I became enamoured with life and symbols and I was sort of in my world and I never realised that you couldn't do [sorry, didn't catch it] in the 21st century...Everything's OK, you can do this too. But it was just very hard to at the same time to find the training available make a big painting."

The same modernisers who destroyed the liturgy (and theology) of the Church also ran amok in the art world, as we have discussed. But there remained a few, a remnant, who refused to go along with the Campbell's soup can, nailing-chairs-to-walls, paint-splodge "school" and just went ahead and made real art.

Thank God for the weirdos of the world.

He calls himself a contrarian.

More Graydon Parrish here.


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Martial Artist said...

Being a contrarian can be a good thing.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer (a voice of experience)