Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Quick, name five famous Slovenians!


me neither.


D. McLean said...

1. Slavoj Zizek, academic
2. Janko Kastelic, musician

That's off the top of my head. Now I must ponder.

Dominic said...

3. France Preseren, poet
4. Janez Jansa, politician
5. Janez Drnovsek, hippy neo-age weirdo and former president

(and if you're allergic to Janezes - ...errr... the members of the avant-garde rock group Laibach...)



Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

by "famous" I meant famous outside Slovenia.

BillyHW said...

What's Slovenia? Is that, like, a part of Yugoslavia or something?



Andrew Cusack said...

The architect Joze Plecznik! Legend!

Also all the Windisch-Graetzs are, in a way, Slovenian, and there are definitely more than five of them.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Ambrozic?

D McLean said...

Oh, yes, Cardinal Ambrozic! I forgot.

Meanwhile, Slavoj Zizek is hugely famous internationally in grad departments of Literary Theory and also the London Review of Books. And possibly also the TLS. But you should forgive him all that because his name is so much fun to say. Slavoy Shzishzek. So cool! And there are wee marks over the Zs.

Slovenia arguably caused the outbreak of the Yugoslav civil wars by being the first part to break off, which is less cool, but at least it points to a firm national identity. Very few in Slovenia were killed in the resulting horrors. Slovenia is almost entirely Slovene, and they got out of the war ASAP.

HJW said...

in grad departments of Literary Theory

says it all.

And...languages that do not know to separate consonants with vowels ought to be severely punished.