Friday, November 02, 2007

Don't be too pround of this technological terror you've constructed...

This had to go up, no matter what the cost.

Can anyone verify if this is true? Did the Queen's military band really play the Imperial March to greet the king of Saudi Arabia the other day? Can any of our London correspondents confirm?

Because if it is true, as people around the sphere are saying, it is probably the most hopeful sign I have seen in ages that the True Britain is still alive under all that rubble somewhere and we might just be able to get to it yet if we keep digging.


Steve said...

I'm hoping. Fervently.

John said...

The band did play it. You can hear it on YouTube here:
One of the comments says that the video is somewhat misleading as the band played it before King Abdullah's arrival and it appears they are playing it for him.

The white and green plume in the bearskin would indicate that it is the band of the Welsh Guard whom you have to thank.

(And it's nice to see you back.)


-John Californiensis-