Friday, September 28, 2007

So do I

Six mounted police on the beach at Bournemouth erased the slogan that was written on the West Undercliff Promenade in Bournemouth, clearly visible from the Bournemouth International Centre and the secure zone around it, where the Labour Party conference was being held.


Mark S. Abeln said...

Good to have you back blogging. May you have the best of everything in Britain.

Anonymous said...

did you like move again or were you gonna blog something soon?



Anonymous said...

Britain joining the eu is stupid in the first place but if we really have to do it at least have a referendum so they cant walk over us as much as they would have been able to. What angers me is that so many men have died fighting for our country’s freedom and now labour have just signed it away. We might as well have given up from day one.

Karna O'Dea said...

Hello, Hilary.

Why did the Poms let you in? Do you have a near relation who is English?

What was the event at which you wore the big black hat?

Best wishes