Saturday, January 14, 2006

Canadians are Soooooo Stupid!

How stupid are they?

A friend of mine passed around the following to some people:

"We need to get people giggling whenever they see a Liberal attack ad:"

* * * * *
Stephen Harper has a dog.
You know who else had a dog?
Adolf Hitler.
That's who.
Did Stephen Harper train his dog to attack racial minorities?
We don't know.
He's not saying.

Choose Your Canada.


He then started recieving emails from people on that list who were terribly upset that Stephen Harper has trained his dog to attack ethnic minorities.

He was happy to report, however, that even these drooling morons were still so fed up with the Liberals that they were going to vote conservative anyway. (No, not making it up!)

Someone alert PETA!


I suppose that so much subtlety is more than a typical Glib n' Stale-reading, Annex-dwelling Toronto halfwit can assimilate.

Maybe these ones from a Saskatchewan radio station will be obvious enough for them. I hope so, they are clearly labelled, "parody."

* * * * * * *

Have you ever noticed that Stephen Harper's hair never moves?
You've seen it, know why?
He's got the mark of the beast on his head.
That's right.
Stephen Harper.
Mark of the beast.
Stephen Harper is the anti-Christ.
Is that what you want for Canada?
January 23, vote for the non-anti-Christ.
Vote Liberal.

* * * * * *

Stephen Harper likes guns.
Stephen Harper likes to shoot guns.
Stephen Harper will use his guns to kill the Easter Bunny.
Easter Bunny.
Stephen Harper.
No Chocolate eggs for you.
Is that what you want for Canada?
January 23, vote for all things warm and fuzzy.
Vote Liberal.

* * * * * *

Now, compare them with the real thing on the Librano website and see if they don't make you giggle. They parody themselves.

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