Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanks John Paul

In a recent debate on EWTN on whether pro-abort politicians should be given Holy Communion,
Fr. Reese said that "most of the bishops in the United States simply don't agree" that communion should be denied to Catholics, politicians who are pro-choice.

He continued saying that "it's a well-known fact that the pope, Pope John Paul II gave communion to pro-choice politicians in Italy." He put two rhetorical questions: "Now, is Father (Pacwa) more Catholic than the pope? You know, are these bishops (who deny communion) more Catholic than the pope?"

A short time ago, I was castigated in the commbox here for holding things against the Jesuits that were, if I recall, "Oh so 1970s".

I agree, such sentiments as these expressed by Fr. Reese are certainly holdovers from the Era of Peace n' Luv that I remember so well.

The only trouble is, that in the wonders and glories of NewChurch, the 1970s are aaaaaalways with us.