Art Study - Drawings

Starting this separate page as a place to post drawings I've done and am working on in order to track my progress.

Book-scribbles May 2013

Book-scribbles November 2012


A bridge in Venice

GB Shaw

September 2012
Drawing Anna

The model

First stages. Shortly after this, Anna went off to have a baby, so I have had to carry on using photos I took while she was posing. It has presented ... challenges, shall we say. It hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped, but I've learned a lot and I'm not giving up.

Finished Anna

Detail Anna

From a book I bought at the Capitoline Museum, beautifully lit photos of the Esquiline Venus.

This took me most of one evening.


Tatty old boots: a classic exercise.

Still in progress on this one. Better hurry up. The summer's over soon and I'll want to wear the boots.

Drawing from the flat is fine, but I find the results are too flat from photos from magazines.

Milk jug. Second attempt in charcoal from life.

Graphite, from a postcard bought in Florence. Mostly worked on it sitting up in bed in the hospital.

First Winnie sketches

Another one from a book of Michelangelo's sculptures. Started in an oncology waiting room in Civitavecchia hospital. Surprising how many of my drawings were stared in oncologists' waiting rooms.

Hand of Christ, from the same Michelangelo sculpture book.

From Leonardo's St. Anthony, done in my book on a crowded train.

Leonardo's infant John the Baptist, another oncology waiting room project.

Anatomy lessons from Bridgeman's

First try with coloured charcoal and sanguine pencils. From Caravaggio's Entombment of Christ

The view at the beach at Santa Marinella, November, 2011

The turtle fountain, Piazza Mattei, Rome,

San Andrea, Borromini, St. John Lateran, Rome. Another oncology waiting room project.

From my trip to Florence last October with Vicky. The prettiest statue in the Bartolini rooms. What a grand thing! We went to Florence, and drew the statues in the Accademia. Something to remember.

Second copy of this Leonardo drawing. It went to live with a friend in the US, and is now framed and on a wall. My very first.

The block-in of my first still life in class.

Some details

Not quite finished, but better than I'd hoped.

First cast drawing.

First values.

Moving along.

Not as finished as I'd have liked, but got the general gist, I think.

First portrait drawing class. Block-in.

Bringing up the values.

Wasn't able to finish.

As far as I got. The model got sick, then I got sick.

Last bargue.

St. Francis, by Caravaggio. Block-in.


Recognisably Chris. First at-home portrait sitting. Two hours. In sepia charcoal.

Third Bargue. About 40 or 50 hours of class time.

Value sphere.

Mr. Big. First experiment in enlarging by eye from a cartoon by Michelangelo of one of the Sistine figures.

Early Leonardo copy.

Very first charcoal still life. "Wonkey Still Life with Silver Teapot".

Pretty pleased with this one.

December 2010. Copy in sanguine of Michelangelo ignudi.

Good advice.

Second Bargue.

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Diane Cox said...

You truly have an amazing talent, with an extensive range of subject matter. I am attempting to conquer fabrics and your drawing of the teapot on white cotton or linen is super. Having been working on portraits the last few years, your work in this area is also captivating.