Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Oh, did I say 'referendum'?

I meant...err...well..."

Open Europe:
Senior Conservatives are now saying that instead of a referendum on Lisbon, they will seek to renegotiate several of the changes it implements. The paper quotes a Conservative source saying: "It is clear that a post-ratification referendum is simply not possible."

"We will look at the parts of the treaty that are not acceptable and seek to renegotiate them."

The Times reports that David Cameron will also pledge to write into law that no British Government will ever again be able to push through a European Treaty without a referendum...
Let's get that barn door closed, once and for all!

Cameron said that once the Treaty is endorsed by all 27 EU members and comes into force, it will "not be a treaty" and will instead be part of European law...
"...so, you know, it won't actually be reneging on my most important platform plank. Cause, if there's no Treaty to have a referendum on, we can't really have a Treaty referendum, right?"

The "heir to Blair" indeed!